Founded by tech entrepreneur David Nilsson Sträng in co-operation with Resurs Bank, Wihlborgs, SUP46, Helsingborg city and THINK accelerate. Created on the notion that an idea is not better because it has its offspring in Silicon Valley, Stockholm or Helsingborg. It is the conditions that are different.

HETCH provides an ecosystem to increase innovation and growth. Together with established companies, fast moving tech companies and startups we create a great mix for knowledge sharing. In the heart of Helsingborg, HETCH offers together with our partners access to accelerator, startup community, flexible workspaces, E&R, advisors, investors and a supporting network.



Startup Community SUP46 was founded in 2013 to support startups and entrepreneurs. Through their world-class ecosystem of investors, advisors and partners, members are offered a competitive advantage. Home to over 150 companies all over Sweden, only the most promising and innovative startups are accepted as members. Since 2013, SUP46 members have collectively raised over 4 Billion SEK. Apply to SUP46 membership and Helsingborg office.

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HETCH Incubator

Supports early-stage startups and established companies innovations teams to increase their growth and creativity. By providing business advisors, tools, creative team & expertise. Mainly prepare the companies to take the next steps within HETCH ecosystem for a successful business journey.

HETCH Accelerator

Join the 12-week accelerator program for early-stage startups. Take your startup to the next level and build valuable connections and grow your business through coaching and mentoring. We bring in experts from around the world to give you the knowledge and information you need to succeed internationally

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HETCH Office

It's easier to become a successful player if you are surrounded by like-minded people. In teams with different perspectives, talents, personality and background. A Perfect place for your innovation! We offer flexible workspaces for entrepreneurs (from one and up), or established companies that want to run innovation, or just want to work at other locations and take part of the community.

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Get a spot in our open co-working spaces and able to use common meeting rooms. Bring your laptop and you are on. Best of all - be a part of our community.


Private studios for teams that need their own door but still want a part of the community and can use shared meeting rooms. Accommodate for teams of 2-14 people, in a creative environment.


Perfect for large companies that want to be part of a innovative and creative environment. Expand the network and talent attraction. Accommodate for 16 to 200 people.